Sean has been travelling for over thirty years and in his interactive presentations, he share his stories, adventures and techniques with his trademark humour and light touch.
Why do I give presentations?
Hi, my name's Sean Stewart and I've been travelling for over 30 years now. My passion is bringing the world to people, and showing them how travel can be life enhancing and enriching in ways far beyond what the standard brochures would have you believe.

I remember my first trip abroad, to Canada, as a young child. I could hardly wrap my head around the idea that foreign countries really do exist and I was actually IN one of them! In that moment a spark was lit, igniting a passion for travel and for exploring the world and in all its extraordinary diversity. Travel continues to shape my life and my sense of wonder at the world we live in to this day. My passion is bringing travel -great travel - to audiences, to inspire them to step out of their comfort zone and be awed by what they see, hear and experience.

I'm looking forward to bringing my travel techniques and insights to audiences of travelers, young or old, new or experienced. Join me today!
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What presentations do I give?
I give four presentations, three of which focus on travelling in Eastern Europe and the flagship presentation which looks at my concept of Mindful Travel and how people can get the most from their travels, wherever they go.
All presentations can be given in keynote format of around 20 minutes or in the standard 90 minute presentation. I also offer half-day and full day workshops on the same themes. All are interactive and designed to be both helpful and entertaining. All presentations can be modified to suit your particular needs, just inquire via email.

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Come explore a different way to travel
Mindful Travel
Travel is one of the finest investments you'll make in yourself. Our travel time and money are both precious and limited, so we have to use our resources not only to plan our travels better, but to get more out of the trip once it has started. Great travel has the power to enhance your life and give you memories to last a lifetime, and in this presentation, Sean will show you how you can plan exciting, innovative trips and how you can delve into the heart of a place and listen to the stories it tells you. When you learn to listen for the stories a building, a culture or a landscape are whispering to you, you become in turn a storyteller yourself. So next time, don't just take a vacation. Become an explorer and a storyteller!

Available in keynote format, standard 90 minute presentation and half/full day workshops.
Sean's book about mindful travelling
"Travelling – it leaves you speechless
and then turns you into a story-teller."
Ibn Battuta
Arab Traveller, 14th century
Come explore the other Europe
Russia for Travellers
What is Russia, really? Its very name conjures images of a vast and trackless landscape, where snow-covered onion domes peep over heavy stone fortress walls. Its history is an epic story populated by dreamers, madmen, and geniuses who left an indelible imprint on the world's imagination. Above all, it's a place where the 21st century collides with the 12th, where the 'radiant future' was born and where the past has not quite passed away.

Russia for Travellers pulls back the veil that has long shrouded this land in mystery. We will explore the mindset, the history, and the culture of the world's largest country and share with you my best tips on travelling in Russia and Eastern Europe, making sure you'll get the most from your trip. I give recommendations on those hidden, out-of-the-way gems that really tell the story of the country. You'll come away armed with an understanding of the practicalities of travel, from booking train tickets to understanding the menu, while at the same time gaining precious insights into the cultures of Russia and Eastern Europe, ensuring your understanding and enjoyment stays with you for a lifetime! Join us for this fun, inspiration and interactive presentation.

Available in keynote format, 90 minute presentation, or half/whole day workshops.
Sean's book about Russia
"In Russia, one can only believe."
Fyodor Tyutchev
Russian Poet, 19th century
Come explore the other Europe
Ukraine for Travellers

Ukraine is one of Europe's last great travel destinations, yet it remains at the edge of most travellers' consciousness. Perhaps, in a way, that is itself apt, for the very word "Ukraine" means "on the border." Ukriane is on the edge of Europe yet, perhaps paradoxically, is Europe's largest nation.

Ukraine has been making headlines for centuries and to understand why, you need to put your finger on the pulse of the incredible stories Ukraine has to tell a traveller.

Ukraine for Travellers shows you why this borderland finds itself at the pivot of European history, from steppe nomads of antiquity (the wheel was probably invented in what is now Ukraine) to the modern conflict with Russia. Armed with these insights, your trip to Ukraine becomes an adventure of the imagination and a wonderland to discover.
But we'll cover more than history.

During this presentation, we'll explore some of the language you'll need in Ukraine, we'll take a look at the folklore and the cuisine and give you tips on what dishes to sample and how to get off the beaten track to really touch the heart of this unique destination.

Join us for this fun, inspiration and interactive presentation. When we finish, you'll be ready to hit the road and discover a Europe you might never have suspected still existed.

Available in keynote format, 90 minute presentation, or half/whole day workshops.
"The heart of Europe is in Ukraine."
Victor Yuschenko
Former President of Ukraine
Come explore the other Europe
Belarus for Travellers
Belarus is one of Europe's least visited countries, which is great news for travellers, as it delivers real value and punches well above its weight.

Belarus is a land of contrasts. Beautiful rolling countryside. Friendly people. A preserved folk tradition. Stunning castles.

Yet on the other hand, this land of beauty witnessed enormous suffering over the centuries, as successive invaders ravaged its lands. Napoloeon came and went through Belarus, as did the Kaiser's armies in the First World War. In the Second World War, Belarus suffered the great per capita loss of life of any combatant nation. In some ways, little Belarus, albeit as part of the Soviet Union, was the fulcrum of that most terrible of all wars.

Belarus is a young nation with an ancient past. In this presentation we'll explore what you need to know before you go about this land of contrasts and contradictions. Just take a look at this example. Poland's national poet, Adam Mickiewicz, described himself as Lithianian and spent his entire life in what is now Belarus. One man, claimed by three modern nations. Such fascinating overlapping identies are the halmark of what it means to be Belarussian and in this talk we'll look at how you can tap into this to really enrich your travels.

But as with all our presentations, history and culture are only part of the story. We'll also cover what you need to know in terms of language and customs before you board your flight, how to get off the beaten track and how to use the transport system. At the end of the presentation, you'll be ready to hit the road and explore this wonderful little-visited corner of Europe.

Available in keynote format, 90 minute presentation, or half/whole day workshops.
"There are two Belaruses - one is old and ancient, the other is young... We should keep quietly do what we are doing. We have no other choice."
Svetlana Aleksievich
Belarus Writer, Nobel Prise Winner
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How much does it cost?
Prices range from $2,000 to $5,000 (plus travel expences) per event depending on variables such as audience size, nature of the event, length and topic of the talk.
Please contact us, we are always happy to discuss options.
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